Monday, October 1, 2007

Abnormal, Unmemorable Monday

If anybody has the patience and the mental fortitude to sit and go through my previous 90 odd posts, they will realize one thing. At an average of nearly once every 5 posts I would have mentioned the fact that I am employed in a 9-to-6 job. Now I can attribute that kind of frequency to the fact that I spend something like 26 hours of my 24 hour day at work and that my work and work place provide the maximum fodder for me to come up with something to write. But the truth is that the paucity of ideas in the empty shell, that plays the part of my head, forces me to go back and use the same old, over-used things I have used before.

Ok. All that rambling was just to prepare you for yet another reference to the same. :).

Today started. With a bright, clear blue shining through the fog of my sleep and dreams. That woke me up. The first thought in my head was that the blue that had woken me up was the famous Monday Morning Blue! As I sat up in bed, half asleep and yawning, I looked at myself in the mirror and realized, with some surprise, that I could do a very good imitation of an underfed, malnourished hippo. Big head, bigger mid section and a huge mouth - Yep, definite hippo territory. With my thoughts threatening to head to the jungle, I turned to see the time. Another surprise! Seeing the clock read 8.30 got my derrière out of bed faster than I could erase the word 'Hippopotamus' from my head. I forgot about the Monday morning blue and the hippo and any other thought that I might have wanted to think about sitting in bed. I was already late and the only thought in my head was to get ready as fast as I could and head for work.

To cut a long winding story short, before leaving home and finding myself lending the human touch to an otherwise furniture filled office, I fortunately remembered that this Monday was supposed to be a 'work from home' day. Phew! If everything had been normal, 8.30 in the morning would have found me sitting at my desk in office, not sitting in bed thinking about hippos! However, the ‘Bandh’ made sure that today wouldn't be a normal Monday. But after a full day of working from home, I haven't had anything more interesting happen to me than what had happened first thing in the morning.

As abnormal Mondays go, this wasn't such a memorable one.


Alan said...

thanks for the chuckle. mondays are like that sometimes.

me said...

Alan, I am just finding that out for myself. :)

Glad to know that I made you chuckle. Am now officially adding 'Chuckles' to the menu at the Noodle House.