Monday, October 8, 2007

Huit & Neuf - Where art thou?

There have been many over the years and there will definitely be a boat-load of them in the future. I am talking about inventions and make that boat a few dozen sizes bigger than Noah's Ark. Among all these invented and to-be-invented inventions, there can be only one that can lay claim to being the most important invention that man-kind could invent. Zero. Zip. Zilch. A concept called 'nothing'. That is probably what most people will find in my post today. Nothing that makes sense. :)

It's the first day of the week. I don't understand why Monday should be the first day of the week. In a cyclic pattern that repeats itself every seven days, shouldn't it be possible for any day to be the beginning? I think it should be. What did you say? Oh, you think I should shut up? Ok, will do. Only about this. I do have other inane stuff that I am going to talk about.

Like the fact that we are biped. But the 'bi' is not restricted to just the 'ped' part of us. It's pretty much common to our other parts too. Like our hands, eyes, ears and nose, if you count the nostrils individually. Those are the 'bi' parts that are freely available for public viewer ship whereas the paying public will also be privy to internal 'bi' parts like the lungs, kidneys and the brain. Added to these, these days, some characteristics are also being given the 'bi' prefix.

On the other hand, this duality (though it's only in physicality) is probably what separates us humans from them Gods. Them Gods seem to have a few characteristics made in triplicate. Like, for example, the God Shiva (in Hinduism) who has three eyes. Or, to take another example, the concept of the Trinity. This second example, I believe, is pan-religion and I have heard about it in connection with at least two religions.

Is this an indication that we also can become Gods if, and only if, we manage to duplicate this triplication? May be. It’s definitely something to think about. But in truth, does anyone of us actually want to be God? I mean, whether they are in the North-east or South-east or North-west or South-west or in any other of the four corners of the globe, who, in their right mind and senses, would want to be in a position where they don't have anyone, higher up, for them to look up to and wish that life were better. Not me for sure.

Talking about senses, this is another area that differentiates us humans. But this time, not from them Gods but from them animals. We, I am referring to the humans, share the sense of sight, smell, hearing and touch with our animal brethren whereas I am not sure about the sense of taste. Those are the five senses every human is supposedly blessed with. Now the differentiation comes in because we can also make use of a sixth sense. No, I am not talking about Night Shyamalan's movie. I am talking about the sense that is known as intuition or, as it is more commonly called, gut feeling. And as if six weren't enough, we have also been given a seventh. Common Sense. However, like the wise-one says, "Common sense is uncommon in common people."

I am one of them common people too, though fortunately for me, the wise-one hasn't yet bothered to let me know that. With that statement of fact, I shall stop talking about inane stuff for today. But somehow, I get the feeling that I missed some inanity that would have fit right in. Hmmm, wonder what I missed!


Willem van Goisan said...

Concerning starting the week:
My week begins on Tuesday. Seriously!
I consider working just from Tuesday to Friday. Saturday is jewish sabbath, Sunday is christian and muslim sabbath and Monday is my personal sabbath.

So all I can say, :-) is:
It pays to be a 'religious' person, hehe (and not to believe in evolution). NO, just kidding, I admit that evolution is a religion too, and I would not dare to say that someone who believes in evolution is not religous.

However, I like your posts. Dont take me too serious!
Wish you a nice day!

me said...

Hi Willem.. :). Thanks. Glad you like them.

I would rather prefer a Wednesday or Thursday beginning to a week that ends on Friday. But the down side to that is that I run the risk of getting kicked out of my job!

So doesn't really matter if I am religious or not. It just matters that I am employed! Unfortunate but true.