Sunday, May 25, 2014

The new normal

I was reading the newspaper recently ... that in itself could very well be my subject, given that in this era of the interwebs I am actually still reading a printed-on-paper-the-previous-night newspaper. I can imagine reactions like "how quaint", "Luddite alert!!!" and "are they still making those?". That being the case, I think that there is still space for the good old newspaper in our gadgetified and caught-in-the-wwweb world. Or maybe I am already at that age where I am too stubborn to give up my old ways for something new.  

That is however not my subject, so let me move along. I was reading about a zoo in the Philippines which is offering a free massage to any visitor willing to take it. There are 4 masseurs - Michelle, EJ, Daniel and Walter - who will all work on you for about 15 mins. So why is this news? Ah yes! The 4 masseurs are 5m long Burmese pythons. That, I bet you agree, is newsworthy. "Relaxing with Pythons" as they put it! I finished reading the article, my eyebrows came back down to their regular position and I was ready to file this away under the "We are weird in that way" section and move on. But I couldn't. I kept thinking about it through the day, especially the part of human nature which makes us do seemingly illogical things like this and decided that I have come across enough stories over the years that it shouldn't actually be considered weird any longer. As I mentioned earlier, I guess it is that "I-am-already-at-that-age-where-I-am-too-stubborn-to-give-up-my-old-ways-for-something-new" mentality I am stuck with. 

So here are the other stories that prove that "we are weird in that way"! (This is where the interwebs come in handy. You can easily search for old stuff here)

Swimming/Diving with Sharks - Really? People want to do this? Hasn't anyone seen Jaws!

Running with the Bulls - Again, really? This proves what exactly? Please remember, the bulls are better endowed in every physical aspect!

Living with Tigers - Mind = Blown! fo shizzle (I had to look that up!! ;) )

Pet Crocodile - Dude, what were you thinking?! Oh, sorry for assuming you were! SMH! 

These are a few that have stuck around in my head long enough for me to recall and decide that being weird is the new normal for us. I am now looking forward to headlines along the lines of "Picnic with the Piranhas" or "Run Rhino, Run". That is, if they haven't been published already.

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