Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Teaser

Noodle House is another of my many pet projects that was started with a lot of enthusiasm and lost steam before it even had a decent shot at becoming something more permanent. Not that I have abandoned it completely (this post is proof positive of that) but it definitely aint the 'new post every single day' blog it started out as. Unlike my other pet projects, though, this state of affairs is not the result of losing interest mid-way. It is more a result of I having reached a point where I had covered everything even remotely interesting in my life that it was getting progressively more difficult to find new stuff to write about. Add to it my twin assets of having a tiny memory and an enormous appetite for laziness and this whole think-about-something-interesting-to-write-and-write-about-it exercise was probably doomed to neglect and failure from the beginning.

But then like time, life also goes on and letting life go on has finally resulted in something happening that is worth writing about.

If you thought you were now going to read about what happened, sorry to disappoint you. You will have to wait a little. Because, you see, I have decided to milk this event for what it is worth. Actually for more than what it is worth. I might not be the crispest cookie in the jar but I am not dumb enough to not realize that this is an opportunity to add posts to the 'House. So this is how I see this playing out - First I get this teaser out, hopefully to pique interest in what I might say in my coming posts. Next I come out with a few interesting posts about what happened. Finally I will clam up as usual for the next I don't know how many months before I come here with yet another reason for why I don't come here all that often anymore. This plan seems ok and I guess I will stick with this. So till tomorrow or the day after or whenever it is that I write my 'interesting' post, see ya!

PS: By the way, I am thinking that I have just set myself up for a 'both feet in my mouth' situation by claiming that the posts to follow would be "interesting". What made me make that claim when I don't even know the meaning of the word is something I can not explain. But come the next post, I will make sure I have clean feet.

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