Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cat is out of the bag

Now let me get on with it. "It" being the "something" that I said I would write about next time, the last time I wrote here. In case you missed that last one, you can look at the post called The Teaser. Let me warn that it will not help much with understanding anything I write but it is confirmation that I did say I will write about something that happened.

I would like to drag this out a little more because, to my own surprise, I can think up of ways to do it. But two reasons are stopping me. Someone out there might lose their patience. Normally that wouldn't bother me but I am sure Noodle House attracts ab(ove)normal folks and I am also sure that the only one who loses his (or her) patience would unfortunately (for me) turn out to be an exceptionally talented ethical hacker who would be driven to use his (or her) skills unethically for once. Result - A defaced and 'graffiti'ized Noodle House. I don't want that to happen. The second reason is that by the time I am done dragging this out like a used bubble gum in a two-year-old's hands, I am very much liable to forget what is supposed to come next. I don't want that to happen either.

So what did happen? My vacation, that is what. After 4 long years, I suddenly up and left. Took a week long vacation. In the Himalayas. With friends.

That was the cat in the bag which is out. Of course it was just a cat, not an earth shattering, wow-inducing event like I tried to make it sound. But it so happens that this cat is a big deal for me, since I don't do it normally. I mean, I don't take a vacation normally. And when I happen to take one, it becomes wow-inducing as in "Wow!! I am on vacation". Of course, as I mentioned before, there is also this huge opportunity for writing lots of posts under a whole set of categories - "write about the vacation", "travelogue", "anecdotes from a travel", "do the same things on a vacation as you would do on any other day but write about it because it was not done at home" to name a few - which actually makes it truly wow-inducing as in "Wow!! I can write something now".

PS: More about my vacation to follow. Whether you like it or not!


Diamond said...

Your secret is definitely now out! lol
Hope you had a great time :-).

anovicephotographer said...

Looking forward to it!!


droppin by..nice blog

contented said...

Great site loved reading it. More about your journey!!!