Thursday, February 4, 2010

Female Bloodsuckers

There I was, standing near my desk and thinking about kamikaze pilots. There were these madcap fighter pilots who used to load their planes 'till-the-gills' with explosives and then dive down into enemy ships. They were Japanese and were called 'Kamikaze'. The Japs must have been crazy! But then that action of theirs, towards the end of the second great war, did give all of us some new vocabulary. Now instead of saying 'suicide bombers' or 'reckless bikers' or 'rash drivers' we call them 'kamikaze'. Simple!

Like I said, I was standing near my desk and thinking about kamikaze pilots. More specifically, I was thinking if any of the kamikaze pilots of old had been from the fairer sex. But thinking about suicidal, women pilots was not the only thing I was doing. Someone watching me from the side of the glass wall (we have one in our office. Not to be confused with the proverbial 'glass ceiling' which is also present in the office but this is not the time or place for me to write about that) would have seen me with my legs firmly rooted, my upper body rotating slowly and alternating between straightening and bending at the waist, my eyes following my hands with sudden claps ringing out. There is a chance that they might have thought I was doing some kind of slow dance or practicing tai-chi or doing an odd mixture of both. I won't hold that against them though.

I won't hold that against them because they don't know what I was actually up to. I was there, in an extremely frustrated mood, trying to follow and swat the living day lights out of the b****y, blood sucking, flying irritants found in large numbers in this part of the world and of late, inside the office. We call them 'mosquitoes' here. When they get their act right, the result is large spread mayhem in the form of malaria or dengue or some such disease. When they get it wrong, well, they are nothing more than a black and red smear on your palm. They always seem to swing for the fence and they are the closest I have come to experiencing 'kamikaze-ness'.

But why was I thinking about female pilots in particular? Well, I read somewhere that only female mosquitoes suck blood! Hmmm.

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shafali jaiswal said...

i really laughed at this one. good ending!