Thursday, February 28, 2008

First time in the last one month

I have been asked why I haven't shown my face around Noodle House lately. And today is the 28th of Feb. Before you start looking for a connection between the date and the question, let me tell you that there is none. I was not asked the question because it was the 28th. I don't really know why I was asked that question. But my guess is that someone actually reads my stuff. And it is that same someone who has asked the question. Am I flattered or what!! Ok, so here I am. After basking in the flattery for a couple of days I have decided to reward it by showing up at NH. Can you even imagine a better reward? Oh, you can!? Well, good for you, thank you but no thanks. My idea is the best.

If you are still wondering why I mentioned the date, it was because it's connected with me coming here. Right at this point, I would expect you to be confused. I would expect you to go back to the beginning of this post. I would then expect you to start wondering why you are wasting your time, attempting to read through all this and trying to make sense of it. If my expectations are on the mark, congratulate me. And allow me to tell you that you got it wrong. "You got it wrong!" I only said there was no connection between the question and the date. But there is definitely a connection between the date and me coming here. The connection is that the last time I was here was on the 27th of last month and now, exactly a month later, I am back. Wow! What a connection!

It was not by design that I am making a post exactly one month after the last. It is rather by priority. You see, every time Noodle House raised it head and said it wanted some attention and input from me, I have had to give it a lower priority compared to my need for being lazy. Lazy, as you might know, is extremely difficult to do and takes up my whole time. So I always do it first in the hope that I can get it done and out of the way before I get to doing easy things like blogging or having a life outside of office. It hasn't happened too often but I guess I manage to do it on the odd occasion. And on such odd occasions, I show my face around this place!

Hello People :).


Jillian said...

LOL... Well, welcome back! Is this return for good....?

me said...

Hi Jillian. I was never away to return now. I was just taking an extended break! ;)